Daniel Rigberg

Senior Software Developer


My name is Daniel, and I'm a web developer currently based in Amsterdam! I strive to work for ethical companies with a positive effect on the world.


I'm currently a senior software engineer at Juno Medical, building a robust portal for clinicians and patients at general practices in historically undeserved areas.

In the past, I've worked for companies which provided access to reproductive health medications, aided with solar panel installation, and more.


My primary languages are Node.js, TypeScript, and Python, although I enjoy working with Go in my personal projects. When I'm not happily ensconced in serverside development, I'm often found working with React.

Whichever language or framework I'm using, I prefer to use strong typing, consistent styling, and comprehensive testing.

Outside of Work

My primary hobbies are songwriting, playing electric guitar, fitness, reading, and pursuing a life of adventure.

You can listen to my music on Spotify, YouTube, and most other major streaming services: just search for my band, The Tide Pool Creatures!


Below are two of my favorite side projects! Click the images to see more.

Virtual Ocean

Virtual Aquarium