Daniel Rigberg

Senior Software Developer


I'm a web developer currently based in Amsterdam! I strive to work for ethical companies with a positive effect on the world.


I'm currently a senior engineer at Ashby, an all-in-one recruiting platform with best-in-class automation and flexibility. Seriously, we have an amazing product! Your company's recruiters would love Ashby.


My primary languages are Node.js, TypeScript, and Python, although I enjoy working with Go in my personal projects. When I'm not happily ensconced in serverside development, I'm often found working with React.

Whichever language or framework I'm using, I prefer to use strong typing, consistent styling, and comprehensive testing.

Outside of Work

My primary hobbies are songwriting, playing electric guitar, fitness, reading, and pursuing a life of adventure.

You can listen to my music on Spotify, YouTube, and most other major streaming services: just search for my band, The Tide Pool Creatures!


Below are two of my favorite side projects! Click the images to see more.

Virtual Ocean

Virtual Aquarium